Satya Prakash Joshi


Satya Prakash Joshi is the founder of AnsMachine.Net and NewTutorialsLab.Com. He helps peoples those who want to learn to blog and other technological stuff.

Apart from that, he is also a good speaker and professional blogger from Nepal. Helping students and others for strategic learning and turning them into professional blogger.

I am currently working on AnsMachine.Net (Technology site) and NewTutorialsLab.Com, you may find the domain name bit odd, you may think how it can be a technological site but it is.

One of my best friend Mr. Jonaam Bhurtel suggested me to take such an awesome domain name (answers-info) but due to some reasons to not able take that domain.

I would like to thanks him to suggest me that domain name, because after that idea came in mind is to remove was info from and then I made



Yes, is a technology related website from Nepal. The aim of this site is to share technology information, tech problems solutions much more. You can visit or site for more information.
I am Satya Prakash Joshi and one of my another best friend Harish Chand we are working on AnsMachine.Net to serve best to our readers. We are working together to help each and every person who want to learn about technology.


It’s is a new project the aim of is to provide best tutorials to the students of technology. Where I am currently working on publishing tutorials of programming languages. For more you can visit
Thanks for stopping by… 🙂

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